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Is Your Community Ready?

In recent years, the concept of restorative justice has taken root in this region. Victims are asking to be better served in the wake of crime. Offenders are looking for constructive ways to make amends. Communities are asking for innovative approaches to crime and wrongdoing. Criminal justice agencies want an additional tool. C4RJ can help with all of these needs, even offering cost savings. (By comparison, the criminal justice system can be very costly.)

There are many concerns to consider. What are the signs that a community may be ready to consider offering a restorative justice option? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you sensed openness in the police department or local court system to new approaches?
  • Do you know of a core group of committed people who could help explore the viability of a restorative justice approach?
  • Are there sources of financial support within your community (family foundations, faith groups, philanthropic individuals or businesses, a United Way or other agencies) that would help back the work?
  • What are the allied organizations in your community with whom a restorative justice effort might partner?
  • Are there service site locations in your community that might be open to placement of offenders who wish to make repair?

If you would like to speak more about opportunities in your town, .

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